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My name is Charles... Welcome!

As someone who grew up in a small country town and had little to no connection to most of the people around me, I became well-versed in figuring out what I was passionate about without a lot of outside interference, and how to keep my mind occupied on my own terms. Realizing that I didn't 'need people' was somewhat isolating, and as time wore on the battle with depression/anxiety took its toll. However, I learned a lot from it, and it made me the person I am today, so I would like to share whatever insight I can to those who may live the same way yet still struggle from time to time with emotional burdens... with social media running most of our lives, and the overall 'impending doom' feeling looming over us much of the time, it feels especially difficult to find happiness in some way, or to feel connected to anything or anyone at all... and that is where I would like this blog to come in.

Whether you're like me, or the opposite of someone like me, i would like everyone who finds this page to feel accepted and to help one another find a better way to live life!!!


I'm not going to lie...

The only education i have stems purely from human observation.

A full-blown empath can visibly see, and feel, when someone is in a good mood or when someone is having a bad day. When a person is crying or upset in front of me it cuts into my psyche... yes, it can be a lot... but after decades of living with it I've made sure to learn what I can, instead of avoiding how it affects me.

The most important thing in my life is Music

It has helped me manage all trials and tribulations throughout the years in ways therapy never could have.

That is another tool I would like to try to enlighten folks with... the power of music. The impact of finding the right music for your mood, activity, time of day, task to take care of... it can be so important.

It costs nothing...

To be a nice person.

So much unwarranted anger, being directed at so many people who do not deserve it... yes, it is true that some days folks have a bone to pick with EVERYONE, and you may never figure out why... However, for a sensitive person trying to handle people on the internet who are mean spirited can be quite a chore... to try to carry on with normal life is not easy and can feel impossible. So, I want to teach people how to 'kill em with kindness' as they say and find emotional balance in those situations... even when you want to bite back!

Reach Outward

For the isolationists.. the outsiders.. recluses, introverts... or if you know someone who you would consider a part of those groups...

Join a community devoted to helping one another navigate through these trying times to a better existence, and to understand those of us who stand apart from society's norms.

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